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George Foreman - Fit Grill Medium

George Foreman - Fit Grill Medium


^On average compared to 23440 based on overall height

^^Vs’ conventional electric oven grill set at 230 degrees

*Based on grilling 15% fat burgers (113g)

+Guarantee is 2 years standard. Register online for an extra year at within 28 days of purchase

Energy Saving

Feeling the pinch of the rising energy prices? The George Foreman Medium Fit Grill uses up to 82% less energy* than your conventional oven grill - no more heating up the whole oven for just one meal!

30% Space Saving^

Being thinner in depth, this streamlined design has been created to save you space, whether it is on your countertop or Vertically stored away for a clutter-free kitchen.

Cook up your favourite dishes, quicker than ever

With a 160% Faster Heat Up^^, you can enjoy freshly cooked food with the family, from switch on to plate in under 6 minutes*.

Clip-in Drip Tray

No one wants to deal with a messy kitchen top after cooking. With George Foreman’s Clip-in Drip Tray, you can sit back and know the excess fat and other residue is collected for you, in one convenient place that can be easily cleaned.


What else can it do?

Floating hinge for thicker cuts

Perfect Drip Tray

Adjustable rear foot

Technical Specifications


Space Saving Storage Solution-No Reduction on Performance

Vertical Storage with Cord Wrap

82% less energy than a conventional oven grill*

Improved Non-Stick Coating

Speedy Heat Up

Branded Inner Plate

Adjustable Rear Foot

Clip In Drip Tray

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